There is a major twist in a police investigation now that a post mortem is showing that 57-year-old Junior Williams also has gunshot wounds.

His charred remains were found in his burnt-out house at Ragsville district in Guy’s Hill, St. Catherine, on Sunday, January 17.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), through its communications arm, today told The Beacon: “The post mortem examination revealed that he had gunshot wounds to his upper body.”

Speculation had been rife over whether Williams died as a result of the blaze.

Kimmeca Moodie, daughter of the deceased, suspected foul-play from the outset.

She said her dad was mentally challenged.

Moodie further told The Beacon that, a few days before her father was found dead, some of her father’s neighbours had accused him of burning a few of their belongings.

“Two days before, my father was accused of lighting curtains and a car seat. I did not go and look [at the items],” she explained.

“The things burn on the Friday and the Saturday the police came asking how I was going to compensate for the stuff that got burn. On Sunday, he was murdered.”

Moodie further stated that she was heart-broken when she visited the burnt-out house and saw her dad’s remains among the rubble. “There is no word to express the pain I felt when I saw his remains,” she said, adding that her father was not a troublemaker.

“It was a gruesome death. I don’t believe he deserved something like that, because he was a very quiet person,” Moodie said.

A photo of the crime scene shows Williams lying face-down on the floor, and a charred mattress spring partly lying on him.

The fire fighters were not alerted while the house was on fire; neither was Moodie.

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By Mills