Exclusive | Missing man found dead in dry river – He lived at Point Hill, US and Riversdale

Exclusive | Missing man found dead in dry river – He lived at Point Hill, US and Riversdale

February 28, 2021 0 By Horace Mills

A family at Point Hill district in St. Catherine is flabbergasted by what police described as the ‘undetermined’ death of Delroy Lewin, 53.

Lewin, who originally is from Point Hill, also lived at Riversdale in St. Catherine. He migrated to the United States a few years ago and was living at Brooklyn in New York.

His Point Hill family said he arrived on the island in November last year, claiming that he got paternity leave and was spending time with his girlfriend and their newborn daughter in Riversdale.

Lewin initially was scheduled to leave Jamaica on Tuesday, February 23 – three days after his birthday. But he reportedly stated that his flight was delayed until 7AM the following day.

On the following day, February 24, Lewin disappeared.

Reports are that someone at his home in Riversdale saw him on the day he went missing. At that time, he reportedly was leaving the house without his belongings – suggesting that he was not heading to the airport.

Lewis’ body eventually was found two days later, on February 26, in a dry river located miles away from his Riversdale home.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) said its detectives found two liquor bottles with a liquid substance, as well as a insecticide pamphlet, at the scene.

It added: “Reports from the Linstead Police are that, about 2:30PM, residents stumbled on Lewin’s body and summoned them. On their arrival, the body was seen on its back with a cardboard, two disposable masks, two Magnum bottles with liquid substance, and an insecticide pamphlet. His body was removed to the morgue, pending post mortem.”

The police noted that their probe is continuing.

Amid the investigation, Lewin’s relatives in Point Hill are questioning whether foul-play was involved in the demise of their loved-one.

One of them told The Beacon: “A man who have him Green Card fi goh back to the US and deh out here in Jamaica soh long, why him would do something like that? Why him would choose to go so far in a gully course goh do that to himself?”

Another relative chimed in: “This [case] need proper investigation.”

Up to the time of his death, Lewin was employed to an airport in the United States.

Before his mother filed for him, he worked as a cane cutter, partly at Worthy Park Sugar Estate in Lluidas Vale, St. Catherine.

By Horace Mills, Journalist

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