Exclusive | Linstead youth and car missing – car owner makes appeal

Exclusive | Linstead youth and car missing – car owner makes appeal

June 22, 2021 0 By Horace Mills

Some people in the Treadways area of Linstead, St. Catherine, are on tenterhooks following the disappearance of a young resident and the car he borrowed from a friend.

Terrique Reid, otherwise known as ‘King’, is said to be missing since last week Tuesday evening, June 15.

His father, Philbert Reid, told The Beacon that it is highly unusual for his son to leave home for a week – or even more than a day.

He said it is also strange for Terrique to not contact relatives and friends for a full week. Calls to his phone are going to voicemail.

The matter has been reported to the police.

Meanwhile, Mickelle Jarrett, owner of the missing car, said Terrique called him about 10 o’clock last Tuesday morning, borrowing his Toyota Avensis motorcar registered 2770JU.

“Terrique said he was going to buy something for his daughter – said he has a child at Dam Head [in the Flat Bridge area of St. Catherine],” the car owner told The Beacon.

He added that Terrique collected the vehicle about 3PM.

“About after 6PM, him call mi back, saying him deh home [in Treadways],” the car owner recalled.

He told Terrique to return the vehicle, adding that he wanted it to pick up his girlfriend from work.

“I was listening for him to come and give me the car…” the owner explained. “I called him from that and only get voicemail.”

He said it is not the first time he was lending his car to the youngster.

The car owner added that, although he is interested in having his vehicle back, he is far more concerned about the well-being of his missing friend.

“Mi usually lend them mi car; it wasn’t the first time. He is a person who nuh normally leave the community like that,” the car owner noted.

He continued: “Mi nuh know him (Terrique) as any wrong-doing person; I don’t see him as that type of person. Wi just hoping and praying that wi find him alive. Even if I don’t find back the car, I would like to find him… Him life more important than the car.”

The car owner added that he, at this point, is keeping hope alive.

Meanwhile, Terrique is not the first person to go missing along with a vehicle in the Linstead area in recent times.

Last month, 51-year-old David Francis went missing along with the Probox taxi he was operating. The car was found hidden beside an abandoned house in the Linstead area, and Francis’ decomposing body was recovered five days after he went missing.

In another case, which happened eight months ago, Kenroy McPherson, also called Kemar, went missing along with his Honda Fit motorcar. The vehicle was discovered in bushes, but McPherson, who is diabetic, is yet to be located.

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