Woman trying to connect with brother adopted by foreigners

Limited information will perhaps make it a tough search, but Tameika Mullings is trying anyways.

Her younger brother, named Christopher Junior, was given up for adoption 20 years ago when he was a baby.

He is believed to be living in Switzerland or the United States with his adoptive parents.

The adoptive parents, who reportedly used the surname Corronardos, worked at the US Embassy in Kingston in the 1990s.

The adoptee, Christopher, was born on 18 April 1999 at Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston.

His mother, Sophia Junior, who was a struggling single parent at the time of the adoption, worked for the diplomats who took custody of her son.

The two families, at some point, lost connection.

Mullings, sister of the adoptee, told The Beacon that she is eager to meet her brother. “My mother only gave him up because she had nowhere and had no help,” added Mullings who spoke with us from overseas.

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