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PHOTOS: How a neglected drain is damaging a stretch of road in Lluidas Vale Division

A body of water seen gushing from a trench had nowhere to go except an already deplorable roadway at Top Hill district in St Catherine, near the border of that parish with Clarendon.

The underground culvert, built across the roadway, has been blocked for a protracted period of time with silt, shrubs, and garbage.

The water, with nowhere else to go, ends up on the roadway, damaging it in a number of areas.

The situation, located at Top Hill district in Lluidas Vale Division, is shown below IN PICTURES:

The water is appearing from this trench in the embankment
At the base of the trench in the embankment, the water should be heading underground, in a culvert across the roadway. However, the entrance to that underground culvert has been blocked – as shown on the right of this photo.
This is the outlet at the end of the underground culvert. No water is appearing here because the culvert itself is blocked.
With the culvert blocked, the water – with nowhere else to go – is running on the road surface and creating potholes all over – including here.
This is another pothole created by the same water a short distance away

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