A midwife who retired after delivering more than 3,000 babies during a 47-year period, has added her voice to the reignited debate over whether Jamaica should decriminalize abortion.

Verna White-Brown, affectionately called Nurse Brown, who resides at Lluidas Vale in St Catherine, said she would support a mother having an abortion only if the pregnancy threatens that mother’s life.

She recently told The Beacon that persons desirous of having abortion done willy nilly should instead resort to using family planning methods.

“I think the doctors can do it to save the mother’s life if the mother’s life is in danger. Otherwise, I think persons should look into themselves to see whether they are ready to start a family, because there are different types of family planning methods that they could use to prevent a pregnancy,” added White-Brown, pictured above.

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In the meantime, a committee of the island’s parliament has been hearing arguments in relation to a pro-abortion motion moved recently by Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn, Member of Parliament for St Andrew West Rural.

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By Mills