PHOTOS OF THE DAY: The elderly among patients sleeping on chairs at Linstead Hospital

The chronic shortage of beds and limited space at Linstead Hospital in St Catherine has left a number of patients – including senior citizens – spending nights in discomfort on chairs.

A number of elderly people are placed in wheelchairs – sometimes for days, due to the shortage of beds at Linstead Hospital. The wheelchairs are later placed between occupied beds (like the one in this photo) due to the shortage of space.

People are not allowed to capture photos like these inside the hospital, and so these do not fully show the true gravity of the situation observed by The Beacon.

The man pictured here was placed on a set of chairs in a narrow walkway. In the left of the photo, are the feet of people sitting in the area. Shortly after this photo was captured, nurses appeared with an IV drip machine and connected it to the patient while he was in the same position on the set of chairs.

Based on those observations, as well as interviews with patients, we can report that several people Рincluding senior citizens Рsleep on chairs for up to two nights while they wait for the next available bed.

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