The 800-gallon water tank purchased
A section of Jermaine Black’s drought-affected farm
Jermaine Black

When he collected the funds donated to him on May 22, young farmer Jermaine Black did not have to brainstorm his most pressing farming needs.

One of the items he acquired is an 800-gallon tank to store water for farming purposes.

Black, who lives in the Linstead area of St. Catherine, had complained about losing a relatively large portion of his crops as a result of the protracted dry season. His community does not have an irrigation system.

The 29-year-old said a single tank will not fully address his water woes, but it is a significant help.

The chronic water shortage is not the only problem affecting Black. Thieves also stole 10 goats from him in recent weeks.

After The Beacon published a story outlining the young farmer’s plight, three Jamaicans living overseas donated JA$111,222. They are Dr. Rupert Green, and Linval Taylor and his wife Menervah.

The Beacon, which acted between both parties, sent the donors a private video of Black collecting and counting the cash, and also expressing gratitude for the donation. The cash is already invested.

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