Pastor accuses church of breaking up marriages, families

Pastor Winston Nathan said the church is among major contributors to the break-up of Christian families, adding that such institution spends too much time focusing on the Bible and spirituality instead of trying to nurture the whole being.

“One of the mistakes of the church is that we have focused too much on spiritual matters. Everything is ‘Bible Bible Bible‘; everything is ‘from a Christian point of view‘. We need to reach a point in the church where we realize that persons are made up as a holistic being. There is a spiritual side to you; there is also a physical side,” Nathan posited.

“We need to bring somebody to church to talk about health… You know how many people in the church stressed, and they come and have to put on this bright smile? How often do we bring somebody in the church to talk about finances? All we do is collect the offering.”

Nathan, who also is a guidance counsellor, argued that even some marriages are breaking up because some people spend too much time serving the church and too little serving their spouses.

“Everything is ‘the church, the church, the church‘. When the man finds a next woman now, then you hear ‘Pastor pray for mi husband; he unfaithful‘ – or vice versa,” the clergyman said.

He, in the meantime, urged the leadership of churches to implement more initiatives aimed at promoting families.

“I personally agree that the church is one of the major contributors to family break-ups and family defragmentation. Why? Sunday morning is service; Sunday night is service…. The church has to begin to restrategize a plan…

“There must be a family Sunday; it could be just a Sunday where family sits together… We must begin to create that family atmosphere within the church… Yes, the choir must sit down up top to sing. But, when the choir finish sing, let them sit with the family. Begin to sit with your families in church as much as possible,” Nathan advised.

He was speaking during a parenting conference held on May 11 at the Church of the First Born – Bethel Gospel Hall, Linstead, St Catherine.

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