Mystery murder in Linstead

Police in the Linstead area of St Catherine are still trying to make a breakthrough in their investigation of a murder committed in that town last evening, February 11.

They are still trying to ascertain the identity of the deceased man, his address, the reason he was gunned down, and the person who committed the gun murder.

Sources have told The Beacon that the deceased does not seem to be from the Linstead area. He presumably is from Central Village in Spanish Town, St Catherine.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force, in the meantime, said the body was found on East Avenue in Linstead clad in a white T-shirt, blue jeans pants, as well as green and black sneakers.

It further said: “Reports from the Linstead Police are that, about 8:45pm, citizens heard explosions and summoned the police. Upon their arrival, the man was seen lying on his back with gunshot wounds. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.”

Based on photos sent to The Beacon, it appears the man was shot in the head and chest.

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