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BOG WALK: Taxi operators resume work on bad road to Linstead

Taxi operators on the route between Linstead and Bog Walk in St Catherine have resumed service following a protest this morning, October 14, to amplify their concerns about the deplorable condition of the major roadway connecting both towns through Dinthill.

The protest left several students and other commuters stranded.

One student, who attends McGrath High School in Linstead, expressed sympathy for the drivers although she was being negatively affected.

“I am very disappointed not going to school because I have a test today, and I was really looking [forward] to doing it because I have studied,” she told The Beacon.

“I understand the situation; the taxi operators want better roads to drive on because some of them don’t want their cars to be ruined,” added the student seen on Church Road.

Public Relations Officer of the Linstead/Bog Walk Taxi Association, Nigel Fairclough, said the bad road is damaging vehicles and eroding taxi operators’ earnings.

“My taxi drivers are bawling everyday – crying about this route…” he said. “This road costs me nearly $70,000 just for front end alone pon mi car. It is a lot of drivers bawling right now.”

Fairclough, in the meantime, appealed for political intervention.

“I just want the bigger heads to see and understand our bawling and our feelings right now about this road… This is embarrassing and wi tired of getting promises,” he further said, adding that police and soldiers eventually cleared some of the roads that were blocked.

Public Relations Officer of the Linstead/Bog Walk Taxi Association, Nigel Fairclough

The larger portion of the deplorable roadway falls in the constituency of St Catherine North Central, represented in parliament by Natalie Neita.

The taxi operators, in the meantime, marched to Neita’s constituency office. While there, Neita disclosed that plans are afoot to commence work on the roadway, adding that she will give a timeline in the coming weeks.

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