Councillor for the Croft’s Hill Division in Clarendon, Anthony O’Connor, said the welfare needs of People’s National Party (PNP) workers should get closer attention, adding that he will lead by example with a housing programme in his division.

During his divisional conference this month, O’Connor declared: “We have comrades who are masons who will give us a free day; we have comrades who are carpenters who will give us a free day, but we have to improve some of the comrades’ lives.

“I naah talk bout nuh comrade weh a talk bout nuh $500. Wi a talk bout a comrade living in a bad inhumane condition, and we want to lift that comrade’s life up,” O’Connor further said.

He noted that prospective beneficiaries of his housing programme will have to meet certain criteria, which will be outlined whenever he meets with them.

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By Mills