CUSTOS: St Catherine neglected in many ways

Custos of St Catherine Reverend McKenzie Jeffery has decried the condition of the parish.

“I believe that St Catherine has been literally neglected in many and various ways. Many of the communities are suffering from lack of facilities and lack of opportunities,” he said during an event at the Town Hall in Guy’s Hill, St Catherine, on International Men’s Day, November 19.

He also used the ceremony, held under the auspices of LASCO Top Cop Corporal Samantha Brown-Thompson, to implore men to avoid shirking their responsibility to their families and society.

“I want to commend the men of our communities and to challenge them to take their rightful place in the society – in the home first of all, and in the communities, to make yourselves available to your families, to your children – to set the right example for them so that they too can become strong men and women not only of the present but of the future,” added Reverend Jeffery.

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