COMMUNITY FOCUS: Travel agent left Jamaica at 12 years old, but still shares with the island’s children

COMMUNITY FOCUS: Travel agent left Jamaica at 12 years old, but still shares with the island’s children

September 5, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

Although she left Jamaica when she was 12 years old, Trudy Thomas has not forgotten her native land and the children living here.

She hosted her second back-to-school treat for children last month, using portions of the profits earned from her company – T&B Travel Agency, which is located in Georgia, United States.

“When I got the big sales, I say I am going to give back to a hundred children since God has blessed me,” said Thomas, who hails from the rural community of Moneague, St. Ann. She also lived at Independence City, St. Catherine.

She migrated in 1979.

Thomas told The Beacon that she was helping a few children on the island prior to starting her large-scale philanthropic work two years ago.

“I been giving to certain children other years,” she said, adding: “I decided to start my charity in 2019 and give back to more people instead of just three or four.”

She further stated that some 200 children so far have received donations – including books, school bags and stationery.

The beneficiaries are enrolled at Moneague Primary School in St. Ann; others live at Oracabessa in St. Mary and at Crawl in the Riversdale area of St. Catherine.

Thomas said she had a ‘great life’ growing up with her mother Monica Douse Thomas and father Stanford Thomas.

She explained that her penchant for sharing was inculcated at a young age.

“I watched my dad and mom always helping people,” she said. “My mom, when she come back home, was always giving to children. So that’s one of the reasons I started because we both decided to always give back.”

Thomas said the children here are usually ecstatic when she extends her generosity. “They happily tell me ‘thank you’; their parents also. They say it is a great thing I am doing,” she added.

Her business, T&B TRAVEL AGENCY, is located at Stone Mountain in Georgia, USA. It offers packages that include hotel, car rental, group trips and flights. To contact the agency, call 404-839-2735 (cell), 404-941-9466 (direct), or send an email to

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