Community focus | Business owners donate 17 tablets to their former school – Kellits Primary

February 22, 2021 0 By Horace Mills

Christopher Peat, better known as ‘TT’, is no stranger to philanthropy.

For 10 consecutive years, he gathered and donated clothes, stationery and other supplies to basic school students in his native Clarendon Northern constituency.

He said: “I have covered majority of the basic schools in Northern Clarendon, including Rhoden Hall, Sandy River, McNie, Mason River, Tate, Kellits, Croft’s Hill, and St. John.”

Peat, who works in England and owns Tuch and Leggo Entertainment in Clarendon, said he recently shipped a barrel of goods to Jamaica to donate to more basic school students.

He was planning to make his usual December trip to the island to distribute the items.

However, his travel plans were thwarted by restrictions, which were imposed to help slow the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Peat explained that, when his airfare was refunded, he put it towards purchasing 17 seven-inch tablets for students of his alma mater – Kellits Primary School in Clarendon Northern.

He also reached out to two of his former schoolmates who are in business – Roy Hill of True Flavours Restaurant in England, and Verna Hill from Falcoln Crest Restaurant in Kellits.

The three entrepreneurs ended up combining effort and donating the 17 tablets to the students.

The donation of such devices is timely, considering that, due to COVID-19, classes are being held online for most students – some of whom can’t afford the necessary gadgets.

Principal of Kellits Primary, Rhynee McKay-Bennett, highlighted the fact that the three organizations that donated the tablets are all headed by past students of Kellits Primary. She encouraged others to follow suit.

“We are grateful and excited about the potential benefits that these devices will have to our most vulnerable students,” she further said.

The principal also disclosed that nearly 500 Kellits Primary students are still being taught online. The remaining 104, who are in Grade Six, are being allowed to return to school for face-to-face classes since February 8.

In the meantime, Rhy-Anah Bennett, who is enrolled at the institution, expressed gratitude on behalf of the students who received tablets.

“We are very happy and thankful, and I am sure that you [donors] have blessed the hearts of many students,” she said during a handing-over ceremony held at the school.

Persons who attended the event included Kellits Primary alumni Sharon Walker and Raymond ‘George’ Francis, who represented the overseas donors.

They were ecstatic to have participated. Both of them told The Beacon that the teachers, parents and students were highly appreciative of the philanthropic gesture.

“They appreciate it,” Walker said. “They were very excited and happy.”

Francis, in the meantime, encouraged other past students to make their mark. “I hope and trust that others will see what Tuch and Leggo is doing and will come onboard,” he posited.

The Tuch and Leggo boss, Peat, disclosed that efforts are being made to also donate tablets to his other alma mater – Kellits High School.

In December last year, he also collaborated with True Flavours Restaurant and donated care packages to 15 less-fortunate people in Clarendon Northern.

Peat told The Beacon that his passion for philanthropy is rooted in his childhood circumstances.

“When I was growing up – five boys with our mother as a single parent, it dawned on us how struggling it was,” he explained.

“We grew up knowing what it is to need something and don’t have it. From back then, I thought I was going to try to be different. That’s when giving back kinda set into me.”

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