Bluesboy treats more than 1,000 people in Westmoreland

September 4, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

Bluesboy Foundation (BBF), which said it is a registered charity that was launched in 2015, recently distributed supplies to more than one thousand people – including students – in and around Bethel Town, Westmoreland.

“We surpassed our target this year with over 1100 packed bags being issued, along with 720 Bibles, $40,000 in scholarships to single parents of kids going to the basic school, and 78 children and 15 adults received dental care,” the organization told The Beacon.

It further explained: “We donated two computers to Bethel Town All Age School, 170 bags and two computers to other communities with established needs. With help from Food for the Poor and National Bakery, we were able to distribute rice, sugar, peas, Manna Pak and various canned goods – and to give each attendee on our dental trip a bag filled with snacks.”

Bluesboy Foundation, which said it has had four successful years, expressed gratitude to all sponsors and donors.

It further said it is looking forward for next year to add a health fair and to continue providing scholarships, dental trips, and school supplies.

In the meantime, Bluesboy Foundation was named after Douglas James, a farmer who would share his produce with members of the Bethel Town community.

The men in the area called him Bluesboy because he would carry a guitar on his back, riding his bike and playing the Blues.

His daughter, Elaine James, who is Chief Executive Officer of the foundation, said: “After my father’s passing in 2010, we wanted to continue giving back to the community who showed him so much love and we figured that, since this was a community foundation and the community named him, it was fitting that we called it Bluesboy Foundation.”

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