There was chaos yesterday on Market Street in Linstead, St. Catherine, when law-enforcers tried to rid the area of illegal vending. The operation was conducted by the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation police, along with cops from the Jamaica Constabulary Force. A 29-year-old vendor, Shernette Riley, who said she is a single mother of children ages 3, 9 and 11 years, quickly landed in the spotlight. She was among people selling goods outside one of the entrances to Linstead Market. She explained that, like other vendors, she tried to remove her belongings when the officers arrived and immediately started to seize goods. “Dem jus come, blockRead More →

A bereaved family from the Linstead area of St. Catherine has described as an ‘unbelievable nightmare’, the police killing of 29-year-old Richard Johnson, better known as ‘Richie’. “This has brought us pain and grief, and we are all still trying to cope and process this unbelievable nightmare,” said Stephen Davis, who presented the eulogy virtually during his cousin’s burial at Commodore Cemetery in Linstead on Wednesday, April 28. The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) said Johnson was killed ‘during a confrontation with the police’ about 1:20AM on February 16 along the Spanish Town leg of P.J. Patterson Highway. No weapon was recovered from the deceased. TheRead More →

Relatives and friends yesterday afternoon gathered at Commodore Cemetery in Linstead, St. Catherine, to pay their last respect to gunshot victim Mitchell Coley, better known as ‘Dave’ and ‘Banny Fish’. The 52-year-old butcher, who operated inside Linstead Market, was killed by unknown assailants at his home at Forte Street in Linstead on Friday, February 5. In relation to the incident, the JCF said: “Reports are that, about 6AM, Coley was at home when he was pounced upon by armed men who opened fire at him. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.” It is said that Coley was preparing to leaveRead More →

Florence English, otherwise called ‘Miss Cherry’, is appealing for the St. Catherine North Police to intensify their probe into the murder of her son nearly two years ago at Banbury district in Linstead, St. Catherine. The son, Niven Morris, better known as ‘Miguel’, was shot dead outside his home shortly before 10PM on April 25, 2019. The mother explained that she was at home when her son arrived there in a truck, which he earlier drove to deliver Hi-Pro feeds. She said, while her son was parking the truck, she saw the silhouette of a male person waiting in the dark. She recalled that, outRead More →

A young father was shot dead today (April 7) at a bar where he narrowly escaped being murdered a few months ago. He is 28-year-old Oniel Newman, otherwise called ‘Jigsy King’, from Lluidas Vale, St. Catherine. The Jamaica Constabulary Force told The Beacon: “Reports from the Shady Grove Police are that, about 5:45PM, Newman was standing in front of a bar talking when a lone gunman exited a motor vehicle, walked towards him and called out his alias and opened gunfire hitting him to the body. The police was summoned and, on arrival, Newman was seen with gunshot wounds to the body. He was takenRead More →

Residents in the farming community of Cowley, located in Clarendon near the town of Kellits, are still struggling to come to grips with the murder of one of their own – Owen Coleman. The body of the 51-year-old farmer was found about 4:30AM on Friday (March 26) at Coronation Market in downtown Kingston, where he had gone to sell some of his produce. His head was bashed in. Reports are that a piece of metal, which is purported to have been the weapon used to hack Coleman to death, was found in a red shopping bag at the crime scene. Coleman had been selling hisRead More →

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has confirmed that its officers have charged Nicholas Paisley for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Patricia Green, otherwise called ‘Samantha’. Green, who was also an aspiring artiste using the stage name DBritish, was stabbed and her throat slashed after nightfall on March 18 at Bud-hole district in McNie, St. Ann. That community is located near the border of Clarendon and St. Ann, and is relatively close to the town of Kellits in Clarendon. Green and the accused had a baby girl together. Up to when the murder was committed, the one-year-old child was spending time with the accused at hisRead More →

Claudius Cummings from Fort George district near McNie in Clarendon is elated that no life has been lost. His minibus reportedly developed brake issues last evening, got out of control, and slammed into an embankment along Valley Main Road in Lluidas Vale Division, St. Catherine. It eventually settled on its side. Before settling, the bus hit a motorcar driven by well-known motorist Fitzoy Williams, better known as ‘Roses’, of the Lluidas Vale Division. None of the five people travelling in Williams’ car suffered any apparent injury. The rear of the car was damaged and the back seat littered with pieces of broken glass. “Mi gladRead More →

Jamaicans in the diaspora and at home have responded positively to an appeal made by a former ward of the state, Omar Cooke, from Union district in Lluidas Vale, St. Catherine. They will cover his initial medical costs and also construct a room for him. The assistance already received includes donations totaling JA$100,000. That was given for Omar to undergo an urgent medical check-up today (March 26) to ascertain the cause of a major chest pain, which, among other things, is preventing him from keeping a permanent job. The check-up should have been done already, but it was delayed due to financial problems. In lightRead More →

A man and his girlfriend narrowly escaped injuries when the car in which they were travelling ran off the road-way, flipped and landed on its top in a canefield at Worthy Park Sugar Estate in Lluidas Vale, St. Catherine. The crash happened yesterday morning (March 20) relatively close to a section of Lluidas Vale main road known as Water Sink. The general Water Sink area, in recent months, has become notorious for motor vehicle accidents. A woman, Sashane Berry, died in a crash there on the night of February 12. A construction worker, James Worrell, lost his life in another accident in the area onRead More →

An emotionally scarred Omar Cooke, who is now facing a medical battle, said he sometimes feels as though he is living a movie. He was under 10 years old when his mother Ingrid Brown ran away, leaving him and two younger sisters at their home in Union district, Lluidas Vale, St. Catherine. Residents of the community became concerned and contacted the authorities, which took the three minors. They were taken to Strathmore Gardens Children Place Of Safety in Spanish Town. They eventually were separated when Omar was transferred to the Jamaica Christian Boys’ Home in Kingston. His life at the boys’ home was bitter-sweet. HeRead More →

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is continuing its probe into the murder of aspiring artiste Patricia Green, otherwise called ‘Samantha’, who uses the stage name DBritish. She was stabbed and her throat slashed yesterday (March 18) at Bud-hole district in McNie, St. Ann. That community is located at the border of Clarendon and St. Ann, and is relatively close to the town of Kellits in Clarendon. The JCF said: “Reports are that, about 6:30PM, residents heard cries for help and alerted the police. On their arrival, the body was seen on the roadway with multiple stab wounds and the throat slashed. The scene was processedRead More →

There is a major twist in a police investigation now that a post mortem is showing that 57-year-old Junior Williams also has gunshot wounds. His charred remains were found in his burnt-out house at Ragsville district in Guy’s Hill, St. Catherine, on Sunday, January 17. The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), through its communications arm, today told The Beacon: “The post mortem examination revealed that he had gunshot wounds to his upper body.” Speculation had been rife over whether Williams died as a result of the blaze. Kimmeca Moodie, daughter of the deceased, suspected foul-play from the outset. She said her dad was mentally challenged. MoodieRead More →

Members of a family at Mendez district in Point Hill, St. Catherine, remain in limbo more than a week after fire ravaged the seven-bedroom house they occupied. Seven people, including a child who is three years old and another who is seven, have been displaced since the inferno about 9PM on Saturday, February 20. One of the persons affected directly, Donnette Clarke, said she was elsewhere in the community when a niece alerted her regarding a fire at the back of the building. When Clarke rushed home, she tried to extinguish the blaze, but without success. “The fire start from the back. Mi niece seeRead More →

A family is describing as terrible, the demise of a 32-year-old, who is a native of Mickleton Meadows in Linstead, St. Catherine, Jamaica. Kedine Campbell was struck by an SUV about midnight on Friday, February 26, while on Albamy Avenue by Oakland Terrace in Hartford, United States. The car did not stop. The incident happened outside a nightclub a day after Campbell’s birthday. Her brother, Kevion Campbell, told The Beacon: “I was told that somebody was parking and she was trying to guide that person to park and, according to the police and whatever they saw on camera, is like the police are saying thatRead More →

A somber atmosphere lingered throughout Kellits Market in Clarendon yesterday as people continue to mourn the death of a 55-year-old woman, who was highly revered especially in the local business community. Carolina Lindsay, better known as ‘Miss Terry’, died at Spanish Town Hospital in St. Catherine on Wednesday, February 24, after spending 10 days at the medical facility. The reality of her demise hit home especially on Saturday, which is usually the biggest market day in the relatively tiny Kellits town. A store, which Miss Terry operated for about two decades inside Kellits Market, was closed – an unusual sign. It will be re-opened afterRead More →

A family at Point Hill district in St. Catherine is flabbergasted by what police described as the ‘undetermined’ death of Delroy Lewin, 53. Lewin, who originally is from Point Hill, also lived at Riversdale in St. Catherine. He migrated to the United States a few years ago and was living at Brooklyn in New York. His Point Hill family said he arrived on the island in November last year, claiming that he got paternity leave and was spending time with his girlfriend and their newborn daughter in Riversdale. Lewin initially was scheduled to leave Jamaica on Tuesday, February 23 – three days after his birthday.Read More →

A family in the Content area of Bog Walk, St. Catherine, is grieving the tragic death of a loved-one, James Worrell Jr., better known as ‘Goofy’. Reports are that a truck ran over Worrell’s head at Mountain Hill in Lluidas Vale, St. Catherine, shortly after 6PM on February 8, which is four days before his 37th birthday. At that time, Worrell was travelling from Union district in Lluidas Vale, where he was living with relatives for a few years. He was heading to his native community of Content, Bog Walk. But the taxi in which he was travelling stopped, because the roadway was blocked byRead More →

Sergeant Oliver Johnson, who had been sharply criticized for what is said to be his brash style of policing, is no longer in charge of Shady Grove Police Station in Lluidas Vale, St. Catherine. The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) confirmed the recent transfer, adding that the station is now being headed by Woman Sergeant S. Bruce. On previous occasions, there were claims that Sergeant Johnson had been transferred, but those turned out to be false. The JCF told The Beacon that it is not unusual for station heads to be transferred, adding that they usually serve at the discretion of their divisional commanders. Shady GroveRead More →

Clayon Kelly, who came to Jamaica to attend his cousin’s funeral in August last year, was laid to rest yesterday (January 16) at Time and Patience district in Linstead, St. Catherine. He was shot dead less than a month shy of his 46th birthday while visiting a woman at a bar. The incident transpired after nightfall on October 10 at Victoria district in Linstead. The killer is yet to be apprehended. A few hours prior to being shot, Kelly visited his mother’s residence where he also saw his sister Lilisa Llewellyn, who yesterday recounted that Kelly was in high spirits and was even showing herRead More →

Mabel Matthews-Chambers, better known as Miss May, has been celebrated as an epitome of kindness and a devout woman of God. The tributes rained down moments before she was interred on Saturday, January 9, roughly five months after she was electrocuted near her home at Top Hill district in Lluidas Vale Division, St. Catherine. The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS), which supplies the island with electricity, has accepted liability, the family told The Beacon. It added that Miss May was not laid to rest earlier because her relatives abroad were waiting to see if the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic would have subsided significantly. That has notRead More →

The parents of a motorcyclist, who met a nasty end when his bike crashed with a truck on McNie Main Road in Clarendon on January 2, have admitted that their late son was accused of murdering a man at Coronation Market in Downtown Kingston. But the parents, Beverly and Filburn Jackson, stated that their 30-year-old son, Simeon Jackson, otherwise called ‘Kush’, said he committed the act in self-defence. He reportedly told them that he killed a man who attacked him and also labeled him a thief. The parents further said the weapon used in the incident – a knife – reportedly belonged to the allegedRead More →

A family from Bog Walk in St. Catherine is still trying to fathom why gunmen shot and killed one of its loved-ones, who is described as peaceful, hard-working and jovial. The deceased is 40-year-old Fabian McLeod, otherwise known as ‘Flat Bush’, from Magazine Lane in Bog Walk. He was shot dead near his home. The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) stated that, shortly after 4 o’clock on Wednesday afternoon, January 6, McLeod was sitting in a shop when two gunmen pounced upon him and shot him. He started to run away, but the gunmen reportedly chased and pumped more bullets into him. McLeod was pronounced deadRead More →