A young man who was shot dead at Linstead in St Catherine three years ago is yet to be buried. He is Terrence Gayle, pictured above, from Bynloss district in Linstead. It’s understood that, in December 2018, a car picked up Gayle at his home. Gunshots were heard shortly afterwards and Gayle’s body was found. One of his male friends also reportedly was shot and wounded in the incident. Francisco Wilson, a brother of the deceased, said his family has been unable to cover the costs associated with his brother’s burial. His brother’s father is dead. And his mother, now in her 70s, is strugglingRead More →

The body of a man that has been languishing in a funeral home in St Catherine’s capital for more than a year is to be laid to rest, thanks to a Jamaica Beacon inquiry that resulted in the funeral home taking action. Ashley Richards, from Old Harbour in St Catherine, died in hospital in October 2020 after falling ill when he consumed a meal, his common-law wife Margaret Brown said, adding that a medical personnel told her that Richards died of leptospirosis. She further stated that she did not have enough money to carry out burial rites for the father of three of her children,Read More →

Bar operator Sheivonne Golden, also called Karlene, was shot twice in the head by a young man, who limped to a waiting motorcycle after committing the murder in full view of other civilians, highly placed sources said. The 52-year-old businesswoman was cut down at nightfall on Friday (February 11) in front a bar, which forms part of the premises she rented at Time and Patience district in Linstead, St Catherine. She also lived at the location. Reports are that the trigger-man and the motorcycle driver visited the bar earlier in the day. At that time, the late Golden was at another location, but her bartenderRead More →

Jerome O’Connor was hearing voices and his cheerful demeanor had changed dramatically in the weeks leading up to January 31 when he hanged himself in bushes near his Waterloo home in Ewarton, St Catherine. “Everyday mi cry. Jerome was full of life; mi nuh know why him dweet,” his father, Everton, recently told The Beacon. “My son was [known to be] full of energy; he was a jovial person.” Jerome, also known as Delliket, operated Delliket funeral agency. He last job as funeral director was when he laid a woman, Carmen Rattigan, to rest at Ewarton on December 15 last year. He and Rattigan wereRead More →

A mentally challenged man whom the authorities did not stop despite his long record of violent attacks in the town of Linstead, St. Catherine, was slain this morning after he used a stone to kill a police officer. He is 25-year-old Alwayne Shakespeare, better known as ‘Al’ and ‘Cruff’. The slain cop, who was wearing plain clothes at the time of the attack, is Detective Constable Paul Gordon, who was attached to the Scenes of Crime Unit at Linstead Police Station. The tragic episode started shortly before 7 o’clock this morning while Detective Constable Gordon was walking on the sidewalk outside Sinclair’s Bargain Centre –Read More →

Members of a family are mourning the death of their mother, 56-year-old Beryl Junior, whom they believe contracted the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) while she was admitted to Spanish Town Hospital in St. Catherine. They further opined that their 94-year-old maternal grandmother, Lucilda Bair, also got the virus at the said medical facility, where she remains admitted. The siblings accused hospital staff of exposing their two relatives to COVID-19 patients while they waited days for the results of COVID-19 tests administered during hospitalization. The mother and daughter went into the medical facility with results showing that, based on tests done by a private doctor less thanRead More →

A well-known young man, Junior Paige, who recently gripped readers of The Beacon with his movie-like life story, is said to have died under mysterious circumstances in Portland. There is confusion regarding the circumstances of his demise, and the Manchioneal Police in Portland reportedly have ignored concerns raised by people who went to them to make a report. One source stated that the person who took Paige to hospital claimed that he was involved in a motorcycle crash and hit his head when he fell. When our new team made checks with the Corporate Communications Unit of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, it stated that itRead More →

The family of slain police corporal Delwin Jackson said it is devastated not only by the murder of its loved-one, but also by claims swirling that the cop may have been involved in wrongdoing, and may have led a taxi operator to his demise due to poor judgment. On August 18, Corporal Jackson chartered taxi operator Kenroy Chandler to take him to the volatile Central Village in St. Catherine to purchase a Mark X motorcar. Both men, who are from the Bog Walk area of St. Catherine, ended up being shot dead. A spokesperson for Corporal Jackson’s family, in the first interview since tragedy struck,Read More →

A man was shot dead and an illegal gun recovered Sunday night (August 22) at Russell Pen district in Linstead, St. Catherine, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) said. The deceased is 34-year-old Oniel Thompson, otherwise called ‘Pearly Boy’, from Russell Pen. He sold goods at Linstead Market. The JCF told The Beacon that the shooting was done by a licensed firearm holder. It added: “Thompson visited a yard in the Russell Pen area where he allegedly started throwing slurs and profanity at persons in the yard. He was told to leave, and apparently he didn’t take that lightly.” The JCF stated that Thompson left theRead More →

Exuding gratitude and belting out Gospel hits, Samuel Johnson yesterday moved into a brand new house, which represents a major improvement from the dilapidated rat-infested hut that he once called home. “I am rejoicing; I am feeling good in God,” declared the resident of Clarke’s Avenue in Ewarton, St. Catherine. He added: “There is a saying that what people plan to be bad, God turn it out for good because this is one of the good things that happened. A lot of people were laughing [at me], but here is my nice house. I can sleep tonight and sleep comfortable.” Johnson, who walks with crutchesRead More →

The reality of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has hit home for relatives and friends of 31-year-old communications specialist Marvel Gordon, who originally is from Guy’s Hill in St. Catherine. “I am surprise about the short time between when she got [tested positive for] COVID and then died; that is what surprise me,” said her grandmother, Maria Ellis. “My granddaughter called me [last week] Sunday and told me that she test positive for COVID, and she went in the hospital Monday and died Friday morning.” She added that she is not aware of Gordon having any other illness. “She developed the blood clot [associated with COVID-19]Read More →

The quiet community of Tate near Kellits in Clarendon was jolted this morning by news that an elderly resident is suspected to have committed suicide on his farm beside the house he shared with his wife and other relatives. The deceased is 78-year-old farmer Heziekia Pinnock, who, up to the time of his death, was a deacon at the Siloam Gospel Hall Church of the First Born in Tate district. His father, Charles Pinnock, passed away in April shortly before his 100th birthday. Zenova Gayle-Pinnock said her husband of more than 40 years was still grieving his father’s death, but she had no clue heRead More →

Businesswoman and trailer driver Shaneal Graham, who lives near Kellits in Clarendon, is happy to be alive. But she feels distressed knowing that another motorist died in a crash in which she was involved on the night of July 16. She is convinced that she did everything possible to prevent the crash, which claimed the life of 34-year-old Samora Blissett from Polly Ground in Ewarton, St. Catherine. His family told The Beacon that he died moments after hosting a round-robin event in his community. At the time of the crash, he was heading to Bog Walk. The incident happened near the main entrance to CharlemontRead More →

Shell shocked members of a family are appealing for detectives in St. Ann to intensify their probe into what they consider to be targeted attacks that have left two cousins dead a year apart and another relative getting death threats. The slain cousins, who grew up together at Buckfield in Ocho Rios, St. Ann, are 25-year-old lifeguard Anthony James and 26-year-old Andy Reid who is better known as ‘Fry Eye’. Police reported that, in relation to James, gunmen on foot shot him about 8:30PM last week Monday (June 28) while he was among a group of men playing a game of dominoes in his community.Read More →

A funeral services director, Chavin Thompson, said an incorrect image on a casket caused the sudden postponement of a burial last week Friday at Ewarton Cemetery in St. Catherine. The burial was to be held for 20-year-old David Walker, otherwise called ‘Victor’, from Clarke’s Avenue in Ewarton. The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) had stated that, on May 4, a mob chopped and killed Walker at Pedro River in St. Ann shortly after he, along with other men, allegedly stole goats in the Kellits area of Clarendon. The bereaved family’s pain intensified last week Friday, July 2, when the burial of Walker was scheduled to beRead More →

Some maternal relatives of a child who died mysteriously in Linstead, St. Catherine, said they now feel guilty about not responding more firmly to signs that their late niece perhaps was being abused physically. The seven-year-old child, Tianna Russell, from New Works district in Linstead, was pronounced dead at Linstead Public Hospital on Monday, June 28. She was living with her father and step-mother since her biological mother, Claudia Francis, fell ill and died four years ago. The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) yesterday reported that, about 1:30AM on Monday, Tianna’s father took her to Linstead Public Hospital because he reportedly heard her struggling to breathe.Read More →

One victim of a fire at Tate district near Kellits, Clarendon, suspects that the house she occupied was burned deliberately close to midnight on Tuesday, June 22. The blaze damaged two of the three concrete rooms that made up the structure, which the occupants inherited. Seven people have been displaced – including children who are two, three, and four years old. One of the victims told The Beacon: “The fire started about 11 o’clock. I heard the popping of fire outside, and I looked and that is how we know of it. We woke up the kids and came out. The fire started at theRead More →

A man, who has been living in squalor in a dilapidated hut on Clarke’s Avenue in Ewarton, St. Catherine, said he feels helpless now that he is on the verge of becoming fully homeless. Samuel Johnson, better known as ‘Ricky’, who is unable to walk properly due to a medical condition, said a fire one year ago is the main reason for his terrible living condition. He explained that the fire consumed the family house, which he and other relatives inherited and occupied comfortably on Clarke’s Avenue. “If it wasn’t for the fire, we would be living there now,” said the 58-year-old. Since he wasRead More →

Some people in the Treadways area of Linstead, St. Catherine, are on tenterhooks following the disappearance of a young resident and the car he borrowed from a friend. Terrique Reid, otherwise known as ‘King’, is said to be missing since last week Tuesday evening, June 15. His father, Philbert Reid, told The Beacon that it is highly unusual for his son to leave home for a week – or even more than a day. He said it is also strange for Terrique to not contact relatives and friends for a full week. Calls to his phone are going to voicemail. The matter has been reportedRead More →

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) has confirmed a murder, which has drawn outrage from Councillor for the Treadways Division near Linstead Division in St. Catherine, Sydney Rose. The victim is 51-year-old higgler Courtney Demetrius, also known as ‘Blacks’. He was stabbed during an alleged robbery, which the JCF said took place on Sunday, June 6, at Russell Pen district in the Linstead police area. The JCF explained: “Reports from the Linstead Police are that, about 10:30PM, Demetrius and another man were walking home when they were pounced upon by men armed with knives. “Demetrius’ friend ran and alerted members of the community. Demetrius was robbedRead More →

The resumption of face-to-face classes for fifth and sixth form students has suffered a major setback at Enid Bennett High School in Bog Walk, St. Catherine. Classes have been suspended for just over a week, starting yesterday when news emerged that a fifth form teacher tested positive for the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The developments prompted an emergency staff meeting, as well as discussion with the Ministry of Education. A decision eventually was made to send the students home. Classes are scheduled to resume on May 26. This is the second time since the start of the year that the compound of Enid Bennett HighRead More →

Four people, including a 12-year-old boy and a woman, said they are still in pain days after being beaten by law-enforcers on Market Street in Linstead, St. Catherine. The incidents unfolded last week Friday and Saturday during a massive clamp-down on illegal vending on Market Street. The clampdown was done by the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation police, along with members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force. The persons in pain have accused the officers of using excessive force. Some of them were captured on camera resisting arrest. The first incident, which unfolded on Friday, May 7, involved a 12-year-old boy. He told The Beacon that heRead More →

There was chaos yesterday on Market Street in Linstead, St. Catherine, when law-enforcers tried to rid the area of illegal vending. The operation was conducted by the St. Catherine Municipal Corporation police, along with cops from the Jamaica Constabulary Force. A 29-year-old vendor, Shernette Riley, who said she is a single mother of children ages 3, 9 and 11 years, quickly landed in the spotlight. She was among people selling goods outside one of the entrances to Linstead Market. She explained that, like other vendors, she tried to remove her belongings when the officers arrived and immediately started to seize goods. “Dem jus come, blockRead More →