Despite his heroics, Clayvian Williams broke down in tears and regret about not being able to rescue more members of a family, whose motor car was swept away yesterday by flood-waters during heavy rainfall along Westgate main road in Montego Bay, St James. The body of Jennel Walters, a 12-year-old student of Montego Bay High School, has been found. However, her 68-year-old grandmother, Beryl Walters, is still missing and is feared dead. The child’s aunt, Shannon Walters, escaped. Berris Walters, who was driving the ill-fated car, ended up being rescued by three men, including Williams. The names of the other two heroes have not yetRead More →

Declaring that he is not a drop-off dad, Howard Williams is proud to be among the two most outstanding fathers involved in the Parent Teachers Association (PTA) at Bermaddy Primary School in Treadways, Linstead, St Catherine. He visits the school so often to check up on his seven-year-old daughter Monique, she now has an expectation that he will show up almost daily. “I am not the drop-off father; I don’t drop her off at school and gone. I am the type of father weh come inside the office and inside the classroom and mek sure I know what’s going on,” the single parent told TheRead More →

Her mother missed it by a few months, but not her. Minnet Stewart Hunt, also called Sister Min, stepped into the annals of time on Friday, March 18, 2022 when she became one of Jamaica’s newest centenarians. It happened on the day when Jamaica, coincidentally, scrapped several restrictions that it had imposed to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus that killed millions, including senior citizens, around the globe. Untouched by the pandemic, Sister Min moved about her home in Linstead, St. Catherine, where her friends and relatives, including members of her four generations, had gathered to throw her a party to remember. AndRead More →

Now pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in computer science through the University of London, former Junior Mayor of Black River Brandi Dennis is still basking in the highs she attained in recent months in academics and the performing arts. She has won a previously elusive national award in the speech competition hosted annually by the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC). Brandi also recently completed her sojourn at Hampton School for Girls, earning nine CSEC subjects from the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC). Putting the proverbial icing on the cake, she reaped the best grade attainable – Grade One – in eight of the subjects, namely: Physics, Mathematics,Read More →

Despite fighting sickle cell disease, aspiring lawyer Melissa Blair managed to top the entire Caribbean in one subject, History (Unit 2), in 2021. She did it at the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency (CAPE) level, administered by the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC), which recently announced her regional placement. The recent graduate of St. Andrew High School for Girls did not only get the best grade possible (Grade One) in the subject. She also is among the only two students in the region to attain straight ‘A’ profile in it. “I felt so good; it was such a relief to see that grade and my other grades,” MelissaRead More →

Not a person to wallow in self pity, Herchelle Crosdale, currently a farm worker and mother of two boys, is always searching for ways to advance herself and her family. And she has come a far way doing it. After graduating from Seaforth High School in St Thomas with only two CSEC subjects from the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC), Crosdale moved to the neighbouring parish of Portland to seek employment. There, she got a job at the Portland Municipal Corporation. Two years later, she, feeling homesick, decided to move back to her rural community of Roselle, located in St Thomas Western. She later became employedRead More →

Rayon Smith has been making a name for himself in academics and leadership. And that’s the reason many are banking on him to continue bringing pride and joy to his family as well as his community of Long Road in Portland Eastern. “From Rayon was a little child, I knew that he would do well. I had no doubt,” said his mother, Malina Speid. “If he needed a textbook or anything for school, he would keep reminding me because he always wanted to get high marks. My son is very respectful, hardworking and diligent. He makes me proud every single day.” Already, Rayon has attainedRead More →

Not even the novel coronavirus pandemic could have stopped her. Trudy Thomas travelled to Jamaica from the United States twice last year – August and December – to host her usual treats for hundreds of children in two communities. The giveaways took place at Moneague Primary School in St Ann and at Berwick Primary in Riversdale, St Catherine. A total of 200 children benefited in December. The wide variety of goodies they got included toys, snacks, clothes and school supplies such as knapsack bags with books and other stationery. “The people reacted very well; a lot of them were very happy,” Thomas told The Beacon,Read More →

When the games are over, the players join forces to build their community of Victoria in Linstead, St Catherine. Their group, Top Shelf Domino Team, kicked off its civic mission on February 12, de-bushing the community’s entrance and giving its welcome sign and entrance bridge a much-needed facelift. “A passerby with a tractor also assisted in grading off parts of the road,” said Shalene Harris, also called Judeen, who co-founded the group. The project has been embraced by the community. Dixon’s Drug Store in Linstead, for example, sponsored the renovation of the welcome sign. Regarding the genesis of the Top Shelf group, Harris explained thatRead More →

Lasania Rodney faced harsh criticism and ridicule in her rural community of Lluidas Vale in St Catherine because she, by age 28, got pregnant three times. But she mustered the courage to enroll at Moneague College and graduate last month with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, specializing in Finance and Management. She has dedicated the degree to her late foster mother, Nathlee Jones, whom she said offered her the “universe of opportunities” to make something good of herself. Rodney was at a tender age when she first met Jones, then a teacher and Justice of the Peace. She was left in Jones’Read More →

Trishanna Brown is more than a geriatric nurse and owner of the GlowWhite line of skincare products. She is an epitome of perseverance. “I am always praying and listening to the voice that says I can do better,” she told The Beacon, reflecting on the rebellious teenage years she has left behind. “I was a very naive child, but time has changed my mind.” One of Brown’s most egregious errors was her decision to defiantly stop attending school while she was in grade nine at Ewarton High. “My mom tried to send me back to school; she tried to get counselling for me, but IRead More →

For the second consecutive year, Matthew Wilmot from Jamaica is being declared the region’s top performer in a CSEC subject, administered by the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC). While he was in fourth form at Campion College in 2020, the aspiring engineer sat Technical Drawing and eventually was announced the highest scorer in it regionally. That was foreshadowing of what was to come for Matthew who, last year, attained nine other CSEC subjects – all of them with perfect grades. Those subjects included Information Technology, in which Matthew out-performed all other students in the Caribbean, CXC has disclosed. “I have a passion for technical subjects, includingRead More →

Shaniel McLean’s academic excellence at the local and regional levels belies the sacrifices she makes, mindful that she is building a foundation for a brighter future. “My mom [Simone Thomas] is a single parent and so it is kinda stressing to her in terms of our financial situation,” she told The Beacon. “And with classes online [due to the COVID-19 pandemic], sometimes we don’t have any internet connection. But we just have to make it work.” Shaniel already earned a total 14 subjects from the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC). In 12 of those subjects, she scored the highest grade achievable – Grade One. “I amRead More →

Anntonieka Garriques initially did not have a computer and she had to walk a mile away from her home daily to access internet for online classes in preparation for regional exams. Online classes had become the in-thing for countless students due to a ban imposed nationally on face-to-face classes to help slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. “My biggest challenge was when I was preparing for my CSEC exams and not having any internet at home. I had to walk one mile to use internet at my primary school. And I did not [initially] own a device, but received one at a later date,”Read More →

One of the island’s most promising young footballers, Gregory Cousins Jr, today left Jamaica to take up a full scholarship at Bethel University in Tennessee, United States. He’s departed two days after scoring three goals that helped Garvey Maceo High School secure a 5-0 win over Manning’s in the final of the prestigious DaCosta Cup competition. It is the Clarendon school’s second time lifting the all-important trophy, having done so back in 2007. Cousins is the top DaCosta Cup scorer this season, with a total 20 goals and eight assists. His feat has not gone unnoticed in his school community and also in his nativeRead More →

In true spirit of community, residents of Frontier Phase 2 in Port Maria, St Mary, recently raised funds and carried out much-needed improvement to the road and general aesthetics of their district.    “We will not sit down and wait on the politicians,” asserted Shannon Danhi-Adams, public relations officer of Frontier Phase 2 Citizens’ Association.    She noted that, when the residents came together to get the work done, both their Member of Parliament Dr. Morais Guy and Councillor Germaine Smiley pitched in.    “The councillor and the MP gave us a little assistance. It wasn’t much, but we are still happy for what weRead More →

Many people use up more groceries during the Christmas season. And that is among the reasons Roujo-k Wilson waited until January 15 to distribute 200 care packages to residents of several communities in and around Linstead, St. Catherine. She and her team also served cooked meals to homeless and other indigent people in the streets of Linstead. Children struggling to access online classes were not left out of the grand give-away. Seven of them walked away with computers, thanks to Sky Is The Limit Foundation, founded by Wilson. “I thank the foundation for the gift,” a beaming senior citizen, Leanora Harrison, said. She left theRead More →

Washing clothes and playing in the waters of the Rio Cobre is not the only childhood memory etched in Clair Henry-Wilson’s mind. She vividly recalls that, during childhood, her dream was to become a teacher – an extraordinary one. “Teaching has always been my love,” she said. “When I graduated from high school, I did not look anywhere else except teachers’ college because that’s what I wanted to do.” Henry-Wilson also knew what was required to make her dream more than a figment of her imagination. “Education was my way out to achieve,” she told The Beacon. Her parents, Beverly and Augustus Henry, a housewifeRead More →

Staying positive amid financial challenges and transportation woes is paying off for David Burnett, who recently attained 11 CSEC subjects from the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC). To top it all off, he achieved the highest grade possible (Grade One) in eight of the subjects – Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Geography, Mathematics, Spanish, Agriculture, as well as Human and Social Biology. He got Grade Two in the other three subjects, including English A. “I believe that hard work and consistency is the key in succeeding,” the 17-year-old said, adding that he intends to study at the Florida Institute of Technology in the United States. His goal isRead More →

In a show of unity and benevolence, past students of Jose Marti Technical High School on Monday presented several awards and more than $1.3 million in scholarships and grants to students, employees and departments at the institution on the outskirts of Spanish Town, St. Catherine. The contribution, made despite challenges resulting from the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, is part of the year-long celebration of the school’s 45th anniversary. Acting principal, Michelle Bogle, commended past students across the world for what she described as their unwavering interest in the school and its students. “Even in this our worst of times with this pandemic, you have foundRead More →

The captain of the formidable Dinthill Technical High School football team, Dayeshaniel Russell, is destined for greatness – and he is ecstatic that his father is among the people still around to cheer him on. “I am very very proud of my son,” said Gary Russell, a taxi operator who had a brush with death. He recalled that gunmen shot him twice and left him for dead a few years ago while they stole his motor car in Linstead, St. Catherine. While in hospital in 2019, he wondered whether he would have survived to see his son realize his football dreams, which includes helping DinthillRead More →

When he played his first match this season in the Inter-secondary Schools Sports Association DaCosta Cup competition, many onlookers were talking about his superb display of confidence and talent. The season has almost ended and Jaheim Thomas of Dinthill Technical High School in Linstead, St. Catherine, has continued to live up to expectations, notwithstanding a knee injury that forced him to sit out some matches. Upon his post-injury return, he scored an incredible goal in the DaCosta Cup competition on December 17 to give his squad a 1-0 win over Edwin Allen High School. His performance peaked yesterday when he netted three of the fiveRead More →

Confident that he now has a manager who is willing to push his musical career, Richie Bar from Port Morant in St. Thomas is aiming for big things this year. “Mi dream si big things and mi have nuff more music in store,” he said. His latest song, One Talamela, is the only track released so far since he started working with Orville Whyte, a Jamaican music producer and manager living in Canada. “Mi deh bout for years a struggle and couldn’t find the right people [to manage my career],” the artiste explained. “But Whyte rate mi and know mi deh round the music longRead More →

A gun attack that left one of them struggling to walk, three fires at their makeshift store, and the sudden death of their daughter this year could have wrecked Collie Smith and his wife Geneiva Smith, also called Miss Sue. But the couple from the Kellits area of Clarendon remains high-spirited while still operating their store – a source of glory and pain. Mr. Smith recalled that, on a painful night about five years ago, gunmen pounced upon him in a dark area after he closed the business and was making his usual trip home on foot in what was considered a safe haven. TheRead More →

It perhaps is surprising that Fitzroy Tucker, well known as Writey Writey, remains at the rank of constable 12 years after he enlisted in the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF). But that has not daunted the spirit of the traffic cop, who stands out wherever he is assigned as one of the hardest working and most non-nonsense law enforcers on the island. “Whether or not they want to give me [promotion], I will still go out there and do what I am supposed to do,” he told The Beacon. “I do it for the love, not for the likes.” Although promotion remains elusive, Constable Tucker, withinRead More →

Do not allow your loved-one to be lost in a strange country during air travel. To prevent such traumatic experience, Shelly-Ann Cawley, who has worked in the airline industry for 21 years, has established the ideal company – Travelers Care. Its caregivers travel with vulnerable people – including children, senior citizens, patients who have doctor appointments, and the differently abled – until they are in their loved-ones’ care in their right destinations. “It is a business, but it is also about caring for people,” Cawley noted, adding that her company also delivers puppies to different destinations. The service is available within the United States andRead More →

The smiles on their faces said it all. Meresa Mitchell and her husband of three years, Donovan Mitchell, also known as Pantar, were glad to reopen their cookshop in Kellits town, Clarendon, on Saturday, December 11. The cookshop – a metal container – was gutted by fire on the night of September 11. “When yuh business burn down, yuh feel like yuh lost, but God provide and change the situation,” said Donovan, who started cooking at the location some 20 years ago. He said the fire consumed more than $1 million worth of goods, including food items, refrigerators, fryers, stove and pots. “Everything in yahRead More →

They have football in their blood. Shamair Hutchinson and Asher Hutchinson – biological brothers – are standout members of the high-riding Dinthill Technical High School DaCosta Cup team. “I like football a lot,” Asher, the goalkeeper, told The Beacon. “Maybe it runs in our bloodline.” He and his brother have a number of paternal cousins who have played for some of the island’s top football clubs. Their father, Lezburn Hutchinson, played football for Papine High School as well as top flight clubs such as Cavalier and August Town. Their younger brother, Shavari Hutchinson, 14, is enrolled at Mount Pleasant Football Academy in St. Ann andRead More →

After 12 years serving his country through the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), Oral Clarke, who also is passionate about music, opted to become a full-fledged businessman. “Business has always been a part of me,” he told The Beacon. “If it is not music, it is business. And if it’s not business, it’s music.” Prior to joining the JCF, he sold jewellery to tourists mainly online. He stated that, while serving in the police force, he also obtained a first degree in business management at the University of the West Indies. Clarke added that his love for business later prompted him to resign from the policeRead More →