Members of another community are accusing the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) of ignoring repeated appeals for it to replace fragile utility poles that have become a threat to public safety.

Residents of August Town in the Bog Walk area of St Catherine are the latest to call out the power provider.

They said the base of a pole is being eroded in their community since January, adding that it worsens each time there is heavy rainfall.

“I’m trying to get this out to JPS before it gets any worse and cause any accidents… I have tried to get some attention from the Councilor of the area [Peter Abrahams]… I called JPS and no one comes to look at it, and every day it rains the dirt moves,” a resident told The Beacon.

The JPS, in the meantime, is also being accused of ignoring similar appeals from residents of Pennington and Top Hill districts – both in the Lluidas Vale area of St Catherine.

The photos below show the Bog Walk situation:

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