Movie maker dreams big | Kevin Lennon

Movie maker dreams big | Kevin Lennon

June 3, 2019 0 By Horace Mills

When you talk about movie and music production, talk about Kevin Lennon, a native of Treadways district in Linstead, St Catherine.

He has big plans especially for movie production locally. “I would like to create a professional film production company in Jamaica where we employ our local actors and filmmakers,” he told The Beacon.

Lennon has been living his dream, albeit on a smaller scale than he desires.

He is the owner of two relatively small production companies.

He launched K-base Muzik studio in his community in 2002 after graduating from Charlemont High School. Fourteen years later, he started K-base Skyview Visuals, which offers photography and videography services.

Lennon noted that, although his companies provide opportunities for local actors, they are not yet able to recruit such talents on the permanent basis.

“Some actors would like to work everyday, but we are not on that level yet,” the movie maker declared, adding that he is seeking sponsorship to eventually help make permanent employment possible.

Lennon told The Beacon that his movies are sold locally, thanks to Wayne Newby and Horrain Wilson who drive around the island and do the sales. A much bigger structure, however, is required to rake in enough funds to undertake the high-level productions being mulled.

Lennon, in the meantime, has three short movies in his repertoire.

He, along with Wilson, produced the first film, Jealous Ova 2, in 2016. Their collaborative efforts also produced Clovis 2 that was released in January 2019, and Death Do Us Part that was released in April 2019.


Lennon stated that the movie he released in April – like the ones before, has received positive reviews.

“People love the quality of the production, and said it’s something they can relate to,” he said, adding: “Some people are even asking for a follow-up.”

Lennon does not only produce short movies; he writes them, partly. “When I get an idea, I write down the main parts of the storyline, then share them with Horrain Wilson. We then decide how to go about it, but most of the work is done on set. I don’t write full scripts; I tell the actors what I want, then allow them to express themselves,” he told The Beacon.

Prior to venturing on his own movie-making mission, Lennon did relatively short stints with notables in the production industry.

He worked with studio engineer Clinton Clarke (Jakk Stereo) for a few years, and also with Wayne Newby (Ghetto Gal) who entrusted him with the responsibility of editing movies.

Lennon, a past student of Trinity Prep School in Linstead, said he developed a love for production after he received his first computer at age 18.

“I did a lot of remix videos just for fun; I would take parts of movies and mix them to Dancehall music,” he recalled.

Since then, Lennon has not looked back; it’s all been about progress for him.

By Horace Mills, Journalist

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