BEACON OF THE DAY: Social activist honoured by community

BEACON OF THE DAY: Social activist honoured by community

March 6, 2020 0 By Horace Mills

She usually works behind the scene, but was thrust into the spotlight recently when she was honoured in her hometown of Linstead, St. Catherine, for the enormous contribution she has been making to social development.

“I was surprised because I normally work in the background; however I feel very honoured and appreciative of the award,” said Minette Anderson-Myers, who initially wanted to become a lawyer.

She however had a twist of fate and, since 2005, has been serving as a Community Development Officer at the state-owned Social Development Commission.

In that post, Anderson-Myers is responsible for the communities of Linstead, Ewarton, Lluidas Vale, Treadways, Redwood and Guy’s Hill – all in St. Catherine.

“I have written myriad of project proposals – some of which were approved and were successfully implemented,” she said, adding: “I assist persons to identify avenues to enhance their lives such as through summer employment, HEART|NTA programmes.”

Anderson-Myers also helped with the formation of various social groups. They include the Guy’s Hill Community Development Committee, Treadways Community Development Committee, Old Mount Diablo Community Group, and Cheesefield Citizens’ Association.

She, in the meantime, is board Chair of the Mountain Pass Basic School and Upper Victoria Basic School, and is a board member of Time and Patience Basic School.

Those schools were rehabilitated based on Anderson-Myers’ project proposals, which were submitted to the CHASE Fund – otherwise known as the Culture, Health, Arts, Sports and Education Fund. Other schools also benefited from proposals written by the social activist.

Anderson-Myers wants to be remembered for her selfless contribution.

“I would like the community to eventually remember me as a person who always gives her best to uplift the quality of life – such as physically, socially, psychologically and economically – of each community member where I serve selflessly,” she told The Beacon.

Anderson-Myers, in the meantime, recalled having an exciting childhood with her 10 siblings and parents.

She is a past student of Time and Patience Basic School, Time and Patience Primary, McGrath High, Dinthill Technical High, Excelsior Community College, and Nova South Eastern University.

Anderson-Myers was among 12 people awarded on February 23 for service to the Linstead community. The event was part of Black History Month celebration by Gi-Di Entertainment and One Life, in association with the Linstead Community Development Committee (Linstead CDC).

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