Beacon of the day | Singer, who sells CDs to make a living, not deflated by mistake

Beacon of the day | Singer, who sells CDs to make a living, not deflated by mistake

March 24, 2021 0 By Horace Mills

Orandy Carney made a horrible mistake for which he is still paying the price, but he has not allowed it to kill his musical talent or his dream of making it big in the music industry.

That dream is not far-fetched, considering that Orandy, who sounds like Reggae star Sanchez, has been a crooner at heart.

According to him, he was a musical standout while attending Enid Bennett High School, formerly Bog Walk High in St. Catherine.

“I am the singer that used to reign in that school. When I go on concert, pure screaming. It was not a normal thing,” he added.

Orandy, a past student of Tulloch Primary, graduated from high school in 1993.

He never turned his back on music even when he worked as a security guard and a construction worker.

“I am not working no more. Right now, I am just doing my singing and selling my CDs officially,” he told The Beacon.

“Mi a 45 years old now. Mi a sing from age 15 and mi still nuh give up music.”

The singer and songwriter explained that, at one point, one of his siblings, who lives in the United States, was managing his musical affairs.

But contention seeped in.

Orandy said the contention started when someone told him that his sibling was making big bucks off his music overseas and not turning over his fair share of the earnings.

He later found out that the information was false, he said.

Orandy added that, before ascertaining the falsehood, he accosted his sibling, who was not pleased about being portrayed as an unfair person. In light of that, the sibling stopped managing Orandy.

“A long time mi would buss if mi never follow hearsay,” the singer reasoned.

“My brother said, if mi did humble myself, I would be in New York long time. So, I feel it.”

Orandy, who said he made the mistake about 20 years ago, noted that he enjoys a good relationship with his sibling outside of music.

He, subsequent to the said incident, switched from Dancehall.

He has been doing Lovers Rock and Gospel since he was baptized.

Orandy worships at Shiloah Apostolic Church in his home community of Berwick, located in the Riversdale area of St. Catherine.

“I used to be a Dancehall singer in the 1990s, but I got saved in 1999,” Orandy said. “From the day I got saved, I started to do only Gospel.”

Orandy further said his sojourn into Gospel music so far has been a ‘struggle’, considering that it is less glitzy and profitable than Dancehall.

He added that, despite the struggle, he has no intention to leave Gospel or to allow his talent to go to waste.

That’s the reason Orandy records his songs on compact discs (CDs), which he personally walks around and sells mainly in major towns across Jamaica.

At the time he spoke with The Beacon, he was selling his 10-track album titled Lord I Thank You.

Prospective buyers often get an opportunity to hear him sing one or more of the songs a capella.

“The people love how mi sing,” Orandy posited.

“When you are hungry and can’t feed yuhself, it seems like you are going to dieā€¦ That’s why I have to do something – juggle my CD. When I do that, I can buy a food; I don’t hungry.”

Orandy has had mixed fortunes regarding the sale of his music.

He is elated that some of his songs have been played on radio stations, and he has got the opportunity to perform at a few events. The songs are also on YouTube and other platforms of the sort.

Asked where he intends to take his music, Orandy declared: “To the highest level – international.”

He said he is now working on a ‘nice set of songs,’ adding that he hopes to eventually reap enough success to assist his 23-year-old daughter, whom he said did well academically and intends to attend university.

“I want to get a breakthrough so that I can help her to get a good education and get a good career,” Orandy added.

He also encourages people to not make the same mistake as he did – drawing conclusions based on hearsay.

“Just be positive and don’t try to put yourselves in trouble,” the singer added. “If you do evil, evil will follow you. So, do good always.”

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