Beacon of the day | Primary school student earns distinction in City and Guilds Maths

Beacon of the day | Primary school student earns distinction in City and Guilds Maths

January 19, 2021 0 By Horace Mills

Dreshaun Napier, who is still in primary school, has reaped success in an exam that is usually pursued by students in Grade 11 at secondary schools.

He earned the best attainable grade – a distinction – in City and Guilds Mathematics (Level Two).

That accomplishment is equivalent to a Grade One in CSEC Mathematics (Basic Proficiency), which is administered by the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC).

“It feels amazing,” Dreshaun told The Beacon, adding that Mathematics is his favourite subject.

He intends to become a paleontologist, who essentially studies life forms that existed in previous geologic periods – as represented by their fossils.

Having proven his competence in the United Kingdom-based City and Guilds, which is highly recognized in several countries around the world, Dreshaun’s confidence has received a boost ahead of his pursuit of other exams.

He will sit the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) this year, hoping to earn a spot at Campion College or Ardenne High School. He will also pursue three CSEC subjects – Mathematics, English A, and Human and Social Biology.

“I am getting ready; I am just going to do my best,” said the student, who is enrolled at Kemet Maasai Academy in Portmore, St. Catherine.

His teacher, Kamau Mahakoe, said: “I am not surprised at all, because this is what I’ve been grooming him for. This is in accordance with our mandate. Dre completed the two-hour [City and Guilds] exam in 45 minutes…

“He was introduced to our advanced programme, where we prepare our youngsters for three CSEC subjects – Math, English Language and Human and Social Biology, in addition to their usual grade level work. He excelled and continues to do so. Dreshaun listens closely to my guidance. He is a very smart and confident student who always embraces challenges,” Mahakoe further said.

The child’s family is also ecstatic about his accomplishments, and is expecting him to continue on the path of academic success.

His mother, Russhauna Reid, told The Beacon: “I think Dreshaun was given a task and, with the help and coach from his teacher, he went and he executed. I am extremely proud of him; I can’t even find the words to say. For him to have accomplished that at his age, I am extremely proud.”

Reid said she realized from a relatively early stage that, with proper guidance, her son would do well academically. She also noted that the child has a potent family support system.

The family’s expectation is high as Dreshaun gets ready for PEP and CSEC. “We are thinking ahead with our bar raised high, and hoping that he will be able to accomplish all of them. I have no doubt that he will do well,” Reid further said.

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