Beacon of the day | Motorist ‘kills’ special truck to save lives

March 30, 2021 0 By Horace Mills

It was not an easy decision for Alwayne Tulloch to ‘kill’ his special truck – his source of income.

But he is cognizant that the vehicle pales in comparison to what could have been the loss of lives.

Tulloch was driving his truck with two women aboard along Mountain Hill Main Road in the Lluidas Vale area of St. Catherine on Friday afternoon, March 26.

He was transporting a container laden with goods to Worthy Park Sugar Estate in Lluidas Vale.

The unexpected happened.

“I discovered that I lost the break,” Tulloch explained. “I tried to gear down, but the truck was still running too fast.”

Tulloch said he had to quickly decide if he should slam the vehicle into the embankment, allow it to plunge into a precipice, or allow it to speed downhill and possibly hit other vehicles while it was out of control.

“It was a very hard decision to kill the truck because it is my livelihood, but it is better the truck [die] than me,” he told The Beacon.

“Whole heap a life coulda lost.”

Tulloch noted that, although the truck was damaged, the container and goods were not affected by the crash.

He explained that he has been driving trucks for ‘reputable companies’ for more than 20 years, adding that this is the first time he has been involved in an accident.

Tulloch further said: “This is my first accident and, luckily for me, it is my own truck. It could be a situation where I would have to explain to the boss how it goh and so forth, but me know exactly how it goh.”

Roads in the Lluidas Vale area are becoming notorious for motor vehicle crashes.

Since the start of the year, two commuters died tragically in separate incidents less than a mile away from where Tulloch’s truck crashed.

In addition, Tulloch’s truck crashed a day after a mini-bus reportedly lost brake and ended up slamming into an embankment elsewhere in the Lluidas Vale area.

The incident involving Tulloch also happened five days after another truck collided in an embankment at Look Out – a section of Mountain Hill Main Road in Lluidas Vale.

Tulloch, who said he was not speeding, advises fellow motorists to ‘put God first’.

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