The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) said a man, whom its officers are yet to identify, has been shot dead during a confrontation with police at the intersection of Sligoville Main Road and the Bog Walk Gorge in St. Catherine. A police officer was also injured during the incident that happened about 5:20AM yesterday, August 28, the JCF added. It did not give details, but stated that the incident is being investigated by the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM). While investigators processed the crime scene, the Bog Walk Gorge was blocked to vehicular traffic for hours.Read More →

Head Girl of John Austin Primary School in the Pennants area of Clarendon, Cassandra Powell, is elated to be attending her dream school – Glenmuir High. “I am so excited because I always wanted to go to that school…” she told The Beacon. “I had full confidence in myself knowing that I would pass and go to my first choice.” The 12-year-old is going to Glenmuir with an above average placement score of 118.9 in the Primary Exit Profile (PEP), which is used to place students in secondary schools. She performed at the highest level (highly proficient) in the Mathematics and Language Arts components ofRead More →

A man was shot dead and an illegal gun recovered Sunday night (August 22) at Russell Pen district in Linstead, St. Catherine, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) said. The deceased is 34-year-old Oniel Thompson, otherwise called ‘Pearly Boy’, from Russell Pen. He sold goods at Linstead Market. The JCF told The Beacon that the shooting was done by a licensed firearm holder. It added: “Thompson visited a yard in the Russell Pen area where he allegedly started throwing slurs and profanity at persons in the yard. He was told to leave, and apparently he didn’t take that lightly.” The JCF stated that Thompson left theRead More →

A taxi operator from Bog Walk in St. Catherine was found dead in the area where a police officer stationed at Glengoffe in the parish was shot and killed today, August 18. The two were shot dead by unknown assailants at Big Lane in Central Village, St. Catherine, the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) reported. It said the taxi operator is 42-year-old Kenroy Chandler from West Prospect, Bog Walk. The police corporal is Delwin Jackson, who was assigned to Glengoffe Police Station in St. Catherine North Division. He is said to be a past student of Enid Bennett High School in Bog Walk. Superintendent Christopher PhillipsRead More →

The reality of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has hit home for relatives and friends of 31-year-old communications specialist Marvel Gordon, who originally is from Guy’s Hill in St. Catherine. “I am surprise about the short time between when she got [tested positive for] COVID and then died; that is what surprise me,” said her grandmother, Maria Ellis. “My granddaughter called me [last week] Sunday and told me that she test positive for COVID, and she went in the hospital Monday and died Friday morning.” She added that she is not aware of Gordon having any other illness. “She developed the blood clot [associated with COVID-19]Read More →

A mother was among people who wept yesterday at the burial of her only child, Favion McLeod, also called Flat Bush and Star Boy. The 40-year-old party promoter, business operator and homeowner was gunned down in broad daylight on January 6 at his native Magazine Lane in Bog Walk, St. Catherine. Reports are that he was waiting to be picked up to attend a party, which was being hosted by one of his cousins. A gunman, who is yet to be apprehended, appeared in a motorcar and shot McLeod multiple times. He got the fatal blow to the head. Speculation is rife that the incidentRead More →

Sashane Berry, better known as ‘Sash’, was buried at Ewarton Cemetery in St. Catherine yesterday, April 21, amid lingering suspicion especially among her relatives over what may have caused her demise. She died on the night of February 12 while travelling during curfew hours from an illegal party held at Lluidas Vale, St. Catherine. The 28-year-old was heading out of Lluidas Vale when the motor car in which she was travelling crashed into a mound of earth at Water Sink – a section of Lluidas Vale main road that runs through Worthy Park Sugar Estate. She was sitting in the front passenger seat of theRead More →